April 18, 2014
Keating, Room 103



12:45 PM Introduction and Announcements. Ron Lynch, Ph.D., ARIBI Director


1:00-2:10 Translational Imaging (Natarajan Raghunand, Ph.D., Session Chair)


1:00 - 1:20 Charles Hennemeyer, M.D., Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging
Title:  Recent Advances in Interventional Radiology.


1: 25 - 1:45 Chris Watchman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology
Title: Image Guided Radiotherapy: Past, Present, and Future.


1: 50 - 2:10 Alison Stopeck, Ph.D., Professor, Professor of Medicine, Director, Clinical Breast Cancer Program
Title:  Imaging to Prevent Cancer.


2:15-2:45 Plenary Talk: Bob Gillies, Ph.D., Vice-Chair Radiology and Director, Experimental Imaging Program, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa Florida
Title: Radiomics


2:50-3:10  Break and poster set up


3:10-3:30  Developments in Image Science. (Marek Romanowski, Ph.D., Session Chair)


3:10-3:30 Art Gmitro,  Ph.D., Professor, Medical Imaging/Optical Sciences
Title: Multimodal Imaging of Tumor Development and Environment.


3:35 - 3:55 Karl Garsha, Ph.D., Principal Scientist, Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.
Title: Doing Now What Patients Need Next: Advancing Translational Cancer Diagnostics Through Analytical Imaging Technology.


4:00 - 4:20 Pascale Charest, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Title: The Signaling Network Controlling Chemotaxis.


4:25- 4:45 Tom Milster, Ph.D., Professor, Optical Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering

Title: Utilization of Evanescent Energy to Achieve Hyper-Numerical Aperature (NA>1.5) Imaging.


4:55 - 6:00 PM Poster Session and Reception (in MRB, Lobby and Room 102)